5th February 2013

Curated by Alice Malseed & Laura Hemming-Lowe

LEWIS CHURCH is a London based artist and writer. At SMASH LAB Lewis will show Altered States - a performance which comes out of a fascination with the notion of altered consciousness, inner worlds and attempts to push beyond normal perception. The performance of access to a separate, more expansive frame of mind has a history that moves from its earliest incarnations in shamanism through to psychedelic rock, from ritual to entertainment and back again. This new, performance for camera version of Altered States was produced in collaboration with Helen Simmons and emphasizes and develops aspects of the live performance through the use of filmic techniques. 
LAURA DEE MILNES is a London-based artist working in performance and intervention.For SMASH LAB Laura will present Donna Kebab & Chips - a mute performer, half woman, half object. Donna – a woman/mother/daughter/wife is indelibly attached to her man/husband/father/son-Chips. Sitting somewhere between irritated conjoined twins and matrimonial bliss, it’s hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. They animatedly present an insight into their domestic life, which takes place across the battle line of the hetero- normative gender divide. They wash their dirty laundry in public and forget how to behave, who to represent and what they are trying to say. Using language constructed from soap operas, pop songs, essays, interviews, stage plays and classic poetry, this puppet and master are the foul-mouthed, cig-burned, twisted little sibling of a classic club turn. 
NEW NOVETA are an artist duo who create performance work
in-between physical action, ritual, improvisation and
dance. Their work often relates to human behavior and the
confinements we have to live within day to day. Their
work attempts to express another means of existence
through temporary situations and acts that can quickly
disappear. HUPHEN HYRAX: Indomitable unaware, turbulence, flagrant,
heart of the matter, display of a violently humorous,
inconvenient, self-evident, undisguised critter-human-
beast, spectacular meaningful vibrant flesh, primordial
proceedings, incongruous habit, inexorable OLDEN IMPULSE,

JOJO TOWNSEND is an artist currently at Central St
Martins. She makes heartfelt art pieces, installations
and one-to-one performance. They are about people she has
met, loved, lived with and lost. ‘Your City, My City’ is
a one-to-one game with a map, shot glass and a dice. We’re going to explore your London and my London. The
places you’ve lied, kissed and pissed in. Roll the dice, play with me.
LAURA HEMMING-LOWE is a multi-disciplinary artist and producer. She studied at Goldsmiths (BA, 2007) and then
Laban (MA, 2012). Her outcome is most often performance but she also creates photography, film, 
installation and audio works.Laura's practice focuses on popular culture and the body, investigating themes 
of beauty, self-betterment and consumerism. By distrupting and
misplacing mass beauty ideals, rituals and procedures her aim is to open
questions and debate around issues of the body, beauty, 
hyper-femininity, hyper-sexuality and representations of
gender. At SMASH LAB Laura will be showing new work that may or may not make it into
her solo show ‘Beauty/Life with Lauretta Hart’. The
performance aims to open up questions surrounding self-
betterment, beauty and the pressures to conform to a so
called 'perfect' body and mind.







Photographs taken by Ludovic Des Cognets and Jemima Yong

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