Sunday 27th November


BRYONY KIMMINGS is a Live Artist based in the East Region, she creates full-length performance works, cabaret acts, homemade music, audio installations and spoken word. Her work is larger than life, haphazard, loud, often dangerous, somewhat unpredictable but above all fun. She is inspired by the taboos and anomalies of British culture and her work promotes the airing of her own dirty laundry to oil conversations on seemingly difficult subjects.

At SMASH LAB Bryony will be trying out a new piece that might make it into her show 7 Day Drunk. 7 Day Drunk is a full length theatre piece made during a 7 day scientific experiment where Bryony aided by a team of scientists and a film-maker, got increasingly drunk to see if alcohol really does affect creativity in the artistic community. The piece is called "I wish i'd made this instead!"

THE FAMOUS LAUREN BARRI HOLSTEIN is a really special lady. Everybody loves her because she’s nice and pretty and smells like my grandma’s kitchen. She really inspires me to make art because art is important for the world. When she sings, it touches my heart and I feel horny. The Famous LBH will put on, for the very first time LADYLOVE an all-acoustic, UNPLUGGED performance, exclusively for the privileged audience of SMASH LAB. As an acclaimed woman/artist, The Famous will proffer her Female Strength to the audience in an intimate evening celebrating Self-Love, Sharing and Song. Leave your negativity at the door, so that your Inner Spirit can shine like a clean mirror, so that you can see your pretty face.

BRUNO HUMBERTO is a director, performer, deviser & musician and is presenting 'on waiting' a performance and live sound work

A series of choreographic photographs and sound actions on the theme of waiting. In this work, Humberto researches states of suspension and the subtle movements that take place in between the actions of staying and leaving. Blending experimental music, performance, poetry and story-telling and following the lines of the recent solo, Holding Nothing, this is a new audience immersive piece of work that digs into the different notions of waiting, inspired by absurdist literature and by those things that are rewritten every day.

CHLOE STEPHENS is a theatre and performance director and has devised collaborative theatre for the last five years. She recently completed an MA in Movement Studies at Royal Central School of Speech & Drama and now teaches movement and devised theatre awell as creating her own work. She is also Co-Artistic Director for Page One Theatre. For SMAAH LAB III Chloe presents 'Throwing Like a Girl'- A performance intervention exploring notions of femininity through social and abstract movement, taking the work of Vanessa Beecroft as a visual starting point and asking 'what is it to move within a group of girls or as a girl alone?'

All photographs by Ludovic Des Cognets
 Bryony Kimmings

 The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein

Bruno Humberto

 Chloe Stephens

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