LUDOVIC DES COGNETS is a photographer specialising in capturing performance. He has worked with SMASH LAB since June 2011 to document almost all of our events. 

WILLIAM PINE is a film-maker and photographer. William has worked for BBC, Channel 4, Vice, Dont Panic and Guardian as well as many fashion companies. He has worked with SMASH LAB over the last three years to document almost of our events.

LUCY RAILTON is  a musician and curator. She is the founder of London Contemporary Music Festival (LCMF) and KAMMER KLANG. She has DJ'd at almost all of the SMASH LAB's since June 2011 as well as providing our artists with technical assistance.

PLUAH ULUAH is a composer and producer. He has worked with SMASH LAB on a number of our events to provide music and technical assistance.

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